Adding Rental (Investment) Property to my Portfolio

I purchased an investment property but with a mortgage. I have started a new portfolio but how do I reflect that mortgage borrowing? Also, outgoings (rates; water etc) And then, depreciation. Am I asking too much of Sharesight?
Appreciate your advice.
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  • Hi Alpal,

    Our custom security feature will allow you to create a property (or any unlisted asset) and add a recurring yield (i.e. a rental income stream). You're able to adjust the value of the property accordingly too and view/report this as part of your total portfolio.

    That's pretty much the extent of our property functionality as we focus instead on listed assets.

    We have a number of clients who are using Sharesight + Xero Cashbook for property management, however. With Xero you can auto-track and reconcile and cash in and out for things such as maintenance, council fees, etc. Once linked, Sharesight will not only send information to Xero, but you can pull back your bank accounts to Sharesight.

    Alternatively you may want to check out dedicated property apps such as Pocketrent.

    Here's a link to our custom security help page:


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