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Alerts (Price, Portfolio, Dividends, Corporate Actions)

Hi Sharesight Clients,

We know a lot of you appreciate our holding-specific and portfolio-level email alerts. Funny, I seem to only recall getting the emails telling me what I've lost versus gained, but that's a different story.

We do receive feedback from time to time regarding changing these to "real-time," i.e send me a price-specific alert about a particular holding as soon as a significant change occurs. This would, however, require us to have live price data, something we do not license at the moment.

While we consider what functionality to build out, if any, for this feature, I'm curious to gather feedback on what alerts you prefer?

Some of the brokers (e.g. CMC) with live price data have great alert capabilities, perhaps you're using those?

Another tool we came across was "If This Then That" (IFTT):

This is a totally different concept, one that allows you to build alert "equations," with IFTT aggregating the data and alerting you automatically. You can have the data sent to you via email, populate a spreadsheet on Google Drive, or even sent via SMS. Here's a link to their stock-specific alert examples:

Anyhow, curious to gather ideas...


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