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Announcement for Intelligent Investor Customers

As you may have heard from Intelligent Investor, the Sharesight portfolio tracker is no longer included as part of the Share Advisor Premium offering.

What does this mean for my portfolio data?
Don’t worry! Your portfolios will remain intact and you’ll still have access to Sharesight.

What else is changing?
As of October 28 2015, when you login to Sharesight:

  • You will see the Sharesight logo and branding instead of Intelligent Investor

  • You will no longer see the Intelligent Investor “Buy/Hold/Sell” indicators within your Sharesight portfolio, or the Intelligent Investor articles on the holding pages

How do I login to my portfolio?
From now on, please login to Sharesight by visiting:
If you forgot your Sharesight password, you can easily reset it from that page

My question is not answered above - how can I get help?
Please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help!