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Can we have Weighted Average Price of Sold Stock?

I am now continuing trials of Sharesight, and want to be able to read Weighted Average Price of Purchased and Sold Stock.

As an example:
BUY 2000 @$10 = $20,000
BUY 3000 @$11 = $33,000
SELL 1000 @11 = $11,000
SELL 2000 @10.8 = $21,600

In which case the Weighted Average Price of Purchased Stock should be:

And the weighed average for sold stock should be:

Based on observation, Cost base p/share appears to be practically equivalent to Weighted Average Price of Purchased Stock, but is there a place where I can check the average price of sold stock?

Thanks for the kind assistance.
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  • Hi Kazuaki,

    Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I ready your 'weighted average price of sold stock' as being the 'average sell price of sold stock'.

    If that is correct, then our sold securities report provides this value, but in two numbers. For any selected period we display the total sales value and the total sold quantity. To get your weighted average price of sold stock, simply divide the sales value by the quantity.

    You can read more about our sold securities report here:
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