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Can't find record to update in Xero with foreign currency share.

This also requires that you have ticked in the Sharesight Xero settings to send the invoice over in the base currency.

So if you are sending invoices to Xero in unconverted currency and you don't have the currency defined in Xero Settings Currency then you'll get an error message from Sharesight "Can't find record to update in Xero" which is accurate but not exactly the whole story.

The issue is that because the currency is not defined within Xero it can't create the required invoice in the foreign currency required.

Simply define the currency in Xero and resending the transaction all will be fine.

The only trap in entering foreign currency dividend received is the Net Dividend not the gross dividend is required then in the second box enter the withholding tax and both of these are in the FOREIGN currency amount. With shares like Fonterra which reports the dividend to you in AUD this data comes over incorrectly from the feed and you have to calculate it. This is slightly frustrating as in normal base dividends you enter the Net information - so the process becomes different for foreign currency shares.

Note the exchange rate you used is based on 1 unit of the Base currency (in my case AUD) = $X.XX of Foreign Currency. In Fonterra's case they express this to $1.00 NZ what you want is the other rate of $1.00 AUD is $X.XX NZD. Simply take 1 / the rate on the Fonterra's dividend to get this number.

So you might have to refine your feed based on the data the registry provides you. And I'd give some thought as to entering the Gross Dividend rather than the Net so it follows your existing process.
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