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Capital Gains Percentage Calculation

Signed up to Sharesight today, from my initial usage it is an excellent little tool.

However I have been unable to determine how the capital gain percentage is being calculated. I purchased two parcels of SHL.ASX.

QTY 200 on 09 Apr 14 @ 17.59, $33.45 brokerage = $3551.45
QTY 200 on 01 Aug 14 @ 17.95, $46.95 brokerage = $3636.95

At the current market price my 400 shares are worth $7472. Sharesight correctly my capital gain as $283.60 however it determines this to be 5.50%. Whereas 283.60/7188.4 is 3.95%.

I currently have set the 'Compound' Performance Calculation method however I have been unable to identify what it does differently because the link to the Help Centre leads me in a circle. Perhaps the information in the help centre was moved, because I cannot seem to find a description of each method anywhere.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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