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CMC import problem

New A/C, attempting to import data from my broker (CMC). Following your directions,
for importing data from broker,
1. Log-in to broker. ok
2. Navigate to "Tax & Portfolio Reporting" ok
But I don't find the "Connect to Sharesight" as indicated, just the promotional screen prompting me to sign up for a Sharesight account, which has already been done.
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  • Hi David,

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Please use the sign-up option from within your CMC account. During the connection process you will be redirected to Sharesight. When this happens Sharesight should detect you as an existing customer and display the Sharesight login page by default, however if you see the Sharesight signup page instead, please click the "login" button at the top right of the page to log in to your existing Sharesight account.
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    • Hi Lulu,

      When I login CMC, I click on Tax and Portfolio Reporting. The option that comes up is 'Access your portfolio'. There is no option for 'register'.

      Access your portfolio takes me to my existing sharesight account where I have 2 portfolios.

      When I click to import from broker it prompts me back to the Tax and Portfolio Reporting link, where as I have just said, 'Access your portfolio' is the only link available.

      I have tried logging in and out and there is no change.

      I am still experiencing trouble.
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