Cost base in Capital Gains Report appears to be incorrect.

Hi, I have just signed up to Sharesight and imported my portfolio. After importing I'm just checking a few historicL transactions so that I can be confident that everything is working as it should. I have come across a possible problem in the Capital Gains Report as follows:
On 1st October 2014 I bought 1470 RGB ETFs @ $20.50 with $0 brokerage, on 27th May 2015 I sold 470 of them @ 21.31 with $19.95 brokerage. The capital gains report is telling me that the cost base is $9,622.27, how can this be when I paid $20.50 x 470 = $9,635?
Subsequent to the initial purchase on 1st Oct I bought another 4,150 & 3,850 on 2nd December 2014 @ $21.13, in illustrating this issue I have selected FIFO as there was no brokerage on the purchase and therefore the illustration is simpler. However I in actual fact I used LIFO and there was brokerage on the purchase - the problem is the same whether I elect to use FIFO or LIFO.
Look forward to your response....... Stephen
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