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Default withholding Tax %% for USD Portfolio holdings

Hey, Sharesight.

Is it possible to show the field “Foreign withholding Tax %” for USD base currency Portfolio in Holding Settings as well as for other currencies? It would help a lot. For USD portfolios it's hidden.
The base currency of my broker account is USD. However, as I am a non-US resident, a broker is automatically deducting 10% of dividends.
Now, because it is impossible to enter deducted tax %% as default values for holdings in my USD Sharesight portfolio, I have to manually modify Dividend Received and Foreign Tax Deducted for every pending transaction instead of putting one value once and automatically confirming all the transactions.
I would like to keep records here in broker base currency - USD, but without this feature, it takes a lot of time.
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  • Hi Andrew,

    At the moment Sharesight works best when the base currency of your portfolio matches the currency of your tax residency.

    Given your portfolio currency is in USD, your USD holding payouts are treated as local payments and for these we don't have the notion of a foreign tax deducted. However, we do allow for the manual input of 'tax deducted', where this is applicable.

    Because of this, we do not provide the option to set a 'foreign withholding tax %' on holdings that match the currency of the portfolio.

    Hopefully others reading this forum topic will suggest an approach that might work for your situation.
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