How do I delete share from my portfolio?

how do i delete a share so i can replace it with another
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  • ***Update 20/7/2012***
    We've now added a "Delete this holding" button under the settings section in the right hand sidebar on the individual share detail page. This allows you delete shareholdings without having to delete each individual trade.


    Hi Tom,

    To delete a share you need to delete any trades associated with the shareholding. Once a shareholding has no trades, the shareholding itself will be removed from your portfolio.

    To do this:

    1. Click on the name of the share from the portfolio overview page to bring up the individual share detail page

    2. Click on the most recent trade under "Purchase / Sale Transactions" and then click the "Delete this trade" button

    3. Repeat for any other trades, deleting in reverse chronological order

    As this can be a time consuming process for shareholdings with lots of transactions, a "Delete this holding" button is also displayed for shareholdings with more than 5 buy/sell transactions. This button is located below the comments section for the shareholding.

    Note that by deleting you are permanently removing this data from your portfolio. If you no longer own the shareholding because you have sold it, you should instead record a sell trade to reduce the quantity to zero - this will remove the shareholding from your current portfolio but you will still retain a record of the historical transaction data.
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