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Different portfolio values between CMC and Sharesight

Hi there,
I am trying sharesight portfolio manager from my CMC account, and after importing my holdings, its value is different from the value CMC website shows. I have also noticed differences in the quantity (numbers) for certain shares, and some are missing.

Can you please explain.

Many thanks,
Dragan Velickovski
CMC Acc No: 232131
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  • Hi Dragan

    When you set up your Sharesight portfolio from your CMC account, your trades are sent to us by CMC - we do not have direct access to your CMC account.

    You can check the trades that have been sent through to us from CMC from the Settings menu of your Sharesight account - the link is at the top right of the page. Click on the "Sharesight connect" tab and then "view trades".
    If you think that there are some trades missing you will need to either check this with CMC or send us the details and we can ask CMC to check.
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