Entering term deposits and cash management accounts

I have two assets that I am trying to figure out how I can best add into Sharesight - a cash management account, and term deposits.

I have read the posts about fixed interest, and I gather that term deposits should be set up as if they were a fixed interest security. The issue is that we have our term deposits capitalising interest, I don't see a way that sharesight can accurately handle that?

The other issue is with a cash management account, the balance changes as shares are bought, fees are paid etc. What is the best way to deal with changes in the cash balance on a monthly basis as we update the cash balance with reference to client bank accounts? Should we do a sale trade? Or just edit the amount? Not sure how this will affect the interest paid...Thanks.
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  • We don't have specific support for terms deposits or cash management accounts at present.

    Term deposits can be entered as fixed interest as you mention, however if the interest is capitalised you would need to record this as additional 'buy' trades each month (similar to recording a dividend reinvestment).

    Cash management accounts are best handled via our integration with the Xero accounting system, the cashbook product offered through their partner channel is perfect for this soft of thing. Please get in touch with me directly (scott@sharesight.com) and I'll give you some more information about this.
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