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Excel reports suggested adjustments

I know these are minor issues, but it all takes time for us to adjust. Any time that Sharesight can save for us is a bonus.

1) capital is incorrectly spelt in the Taxable income report.

2) in the Taxable Income report, the securities code has .AX at the end of the code, which is distracting and doesn't look nice, eg BHP.AX instead of BHP. In the other reports, such as All Trades report, the ASX is in a different column, under Market column, where we can easily delete the whole column if we wanted to. Please consider changing the taxable income report .AX so that it is similar to the other reports.

3) When we save a report in Excel, the name adjacent to the Excel icon doesn't include the name of the portfolio’s entity. For example, if we save a performance report, the Excel name is ‘performance’. If you have multiple portfolios and you forget, you would have to open the report to see which portfolio it belongs to. I realise some entities have long names, so maybe if you allow us to have a box somewhere for us to give an abbreviation or code for the portfolio name, this can be included in the Excel icon name. An example would be ‘S superfund performance’ instead of ‘performance’. It will make it more efficient this way.

4) Personally, I prefer the Excel reports over the PDF reports because it is easier to edit and it includes the comments that I have created for myself. For example, I can easily remove the Market, currency columns which do not apply to me. However, the Excel reports are always stretched out, sometimes to 3-4 pages across. To make it more presentable, I always have two squish them all together sideways onto one page across in Landscape orientation. I realise some people may prefer the current settings. Perhaps you may consider having an additional version of the Excel reports, but in a more presentable and finished format. So that you can just save and press the PRINT button. Much like what you currently have in PDF form, but the PDF is harder to edit and doesn't include the comments. Editing the current Excel reports takes at least five minutes per report and I need about six reports per portfolio. If you can adjust the Sharesight template to accommodate for this, it would save me at least 30 minutes per portfolio and would be really appreciated.

5) Non-assessable income may be entered in the trust distributions, but I don't think I can see it appearing in any report. Although it is not taxable, would you consider putting it at the bottom of the taxable income report? This is more for completeness than anything.
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