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Fractional shares for employee share ownership programs (ESOP)

My partner and I are both members of employee share ownership programs (ESOP). Although the rules and benefits are slightly different, one characteristic is the same, we both are able to buy a certain percentage of our salary in shares. This scheme causes us, necessarily, to buy fractions of shares (e.g. 8.720 of my company stocks). By the way, this type of employee benefit is not unusual in Canada.

I tried to enter this into Sharesight and it won't allow me to have share fractions. I looked on the forum and it seems that the only thing I can do is add this type of investment as a "Custom Investment". Not the coolest option ever since I now have to manage both the changing share value as well as reinvested dividends transactions myself.

Am I right to believe this is the only option for us? If so, is there any thoughts of allowing us to buy share fractions in the future?
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