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Handling Crypto transfers

I was wondering if anyone here has a method or does Sharesight simply offer the functionality to transfer crypto holdings?

Essentially if I have used Bitcoin (BTC/XBT) to purchase another Crypto such as Litecoin (LTC) is there a way to track this transfer at all? Each buy can come with fees which ultimately lowers my balance so this would have bearing on that. Or do I simply have to sell those shares and then put in a purchase of the other shares?

Also when it comes to transferring crypto between exchanges and wallets there is also a fee, how best could I record this? Whilst my balance is remaining largely the same there will be a fee to transfer from an exchange like Coinbase over to my hardware wallet (such as Trezor).

I recently asked about the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Sharesights provider does not yet offer any rates for this through their API. So does anyone have advice for manually adding in this trade and which exchange might you use in order to work out the exchange rates?
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