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How do I simply record an SMA investment?

I have a SMA investment which I would like to include in my portfolio. However due to its structure it is not unitised and has a number of underlying shares in various amounts as determined by the manager.

I would like to simplistically account for it either as one line entry (value manually updated from time to time) or as a manually entered portfolio as a subset of the one investment name / label.
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    The best I have is as follows:
    1. Record all deposits at a price of $1 per "share" so if you deposit $5000 it would be 5000 shares at a price of $1
    2. Record current "price" of SMA as current value of SMA divided by total invested at that point in time. So for example if the current value is $9K and you had deposited a total of $10K then 9/10 = 0.9 as the current "price"
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