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Improved Xero integration

The following improvements are now available to Xero customers:

Modifying or deleting a transaction in Sharesight will automatically update in Xero
Sharesight can now update transactions that have not yet been reconciled in Xero. When you edit a trade or dividend in Sharesight, you’ll see an option to synchronise any modifications to Xero (you can disable this option by unchecking the box if you don’t want to re-synchronise the data). If the transaction has been reconciled in Xero, the option to synchronise to Xero will be disabled as it’s not possible to update a transaction that has been reconciled.

New option to synchronise your data via bank transactions
Generally we recommend that transactions are synchronised via invoices where possible, however, if you’re using Xero Cashbook (which doesn’t support invoices) or Xero Small (which has invoicing limits) you can now synchronise data via bank transactions (also known as send / receive money transactions).

Improved synchronisation indicator
You now get live feedback when you synchronise a trade or dividend record
= Synchronisation in progress
= Synchronisation completed successfully
= Synchronisation failed (hover over the icon to view the error message)

Support for multi-currency Xero accounts
Customers with multi-currency Xero accounts can now opt to have their transactions sent in the original currency provided that the currency is supported in your Xero organisation. For example, if you have an AUD bank account and an NZD bank account set up in Xero, you can opt to have your ASX transactions sent in AUD and your NZX transactions sent in NZD.

Support for approved invoices
You can now opt to have invoices send in ‘approved’ status – this means that you no longer have to approve the invoice in Xero before it is available to be reconciled.

Additional synchronisation options allow you to choose which data gets synchronised automatically
Currently Sharesight synchronises system created dividends automatically as well as trades received via Sharesight Connect, and trades received via the broker email import function. You can now opt to disable this automatic synchronisation if you prefer to manually synchronise your transactions.

Xero invoice contains a link to view the transaction in Sharesight
Xero invoices created by Sharesight now have a “Go to Sharesight” button at the top of the invoice. Use this link to view the original transaction details in your Sharesight portfolio

Australian customers have the option to split out Franked and Unfranked Income
You can now reconcile franked and unfranked income into separate Xero accounts.

You’ll find all of the new settings available on your Xero settings page (Click ‘settings’, then ‘edit settings’ below the relevant portfolio and look for the ‘Xero Settings’ section).