Integrating to Xero - Sell transaction with Returns of Capital

I have a problem with 1 of my portfolios with a Foreign Investment where the investment has been fully sold and invoice created in Xero does not match expected cost of investment (in CHF).
* Shares bought in 2 parcels
* Returns of capital received each year over 8 years
* Net Cost (Purchase cost less Returns of Capital) is CHF46,523.70
* Xero Invoice shows cost adjustment of CHF46,951.80
Difference in cost base (posting to Investment Acc) is CHF428.10
* None of the return of capital amounts equal this amount or should be apportioned by parcel equivalent to this amount.

While I can adjust the Xero transaction manually, is this a problem that needs to be looked into?

+ Have tried deleting Xero transaction (invoice integration) and edithing in Sharesight to recreate entry.
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