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Interactive Brokers importing?

Please can you add Interactive Brokers to your list of supported brokers for importing? Thanks
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  • Hi Richie,

    Thanks for your post! Unfortunately, this is not an addition that can be implemented anytime soon. To explain, basically, our current contract note email import service has been designed around Contract Notes which are sent as a single PDF attachment per email with the PDF contract note containing only a single trade record.

    This functionality works well for virtually all Australasian brokers, however unfortunately not for Interactive Brokers. We do support their FTP service but unfortunately this is only available to their wholesale clients.

    We've investigated a variety of options for retail Interactive Brokers clients like yourself, however due to the development work required and the relatively low demand we've been unable to prioritise this work. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - eventually we'd like to have a solution available, but right now it's not something that we're working on and therefore no timeframe is available.

    For now the csv upload is the best alternative to manual entry if you have a large volume of trades.

    We apologise for the inconvenience!


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