Interactive brokers integration complete, now what?

I have gone through the IB integration process, it comes up under the integration tab as configured. I changed brokers from Commsec to IB and I expected this would import all my IB trading history into my portfolio and update it after the completion of the configuration but it doesnt seem to be the case. What am I missing?
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  • Hi Christo,

    Currently our IB integration only imports trades automatically moving forward.

    When you first setup the configuration in Sharesight we will import any trades sent through by IB for the last 7 days and after that we will import them daily moving forward.

    IB has a range of options for downloading any historical trades you have executed with them. Once downloaded you can import them using our standard CSV importer:

    If you have any issues with this process you might want to message and we can assist you directly.
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