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iOS iPhone X upgrade.

hello sharesight team. Just wondering if there are any plans on upgrading the iOS app to support the new iPhone X. Or even better make the website compatible with iOS as a web application so we can view it on an iPad and iPhone a lot cleaner. Thanks team and really enjoying the website experience so far.
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  • Hi Darwin,

    Yes, we will ensure the iOS app runs on the new iPhone X. As a result of your post I've created a task for our team to follow up and ensure this happens.

    As for making the website compatible with iOS and mobile and tablet devices generally, we have been making a number of enhancements this year to do exactly that.

    Although we've come a long way since January in this regard, we do still have plenty to do.

    We are currently focused on upgrading our tables to a new technology that will enable them to be rendered in a much more responsive fashion, regardless of device size.

    You should see some nice upgrades in this space during the next several months.
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