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Make it easier to see company announcements for portolio

Can we have a view/report that shows asx/nzx announcements relating to any stock in an entire portfolio between a specified date range.

Ideally you can
- specify a date range
- click to popup/read the announcement in new window
- some basic filtering on announcement types e.g. director transactions, major shareholder tx, earnings ann, annual reports, dividend payments etc
- also include lines for any other key events e.g. dividend payment or record date

Even better if the first row for each share could show the end price and change in price/% for the period (then list the announcements)

Then I can use it as my daily or weekly place to review changes in portfolio and relevant events/announcements. Note I want this for whole portfolio.

I waste a lot of time in ASB Securities trying to click on each share in the portfolio to see what the announcements were for the day. And then again to click on each announcement.

If I could get this - then Id stop going to ASB Securities every date/week - and just use sharesight. It would be become my first and last place I go every day. ANd Id only go to ASB Securities to transact.

Also some feedback on current sharesight news features:

- At the moment I dont find the news aspect within Sharesight very useful
- The non asx/nzx announcements generally arent related to the company - they have matched on keywords from the name - but dont relate to the company
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