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Message/alert tab

Incitec Pivot (IPL) dividend paid on 01/07/14 is not showing up in Sharesight. It may be too late for Sharesight to put it on now, as a lot of people have probably done their accounts already, and it might alter their last year’s accounts. What about a message/alert tab at the portfolio and individual stock level to tell users this? Important messages would require the user to acknowledge and manually delete. Less important messages may have auto delete after a period of time. Very important messages may spring out at you when you open the relevant page. An example of such may be a name change to a company. I noted that a company name change in Sharesight will change the name of the stock in previous years as well, so it may be confusing if you don't follow the stock regularly. If the message springs out when you open the stock, then you know straightaway what happened. You can always delete the message after acknowledging it. I know this information is available in the corporate action tab as well, but it is quite hidden there, and it is not the first place that you look at.
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