Please consider supporting B3 (Sao Paulo exchange)

Dear Sharesight: I have just signed up from Yahoo! Finance. When trying to import my portfolio, it didn't recognize the publicly traded shares on B3 (formerly known as Bovespa), the Sao Paulo exchange in Brazil. My suggestion is that you recognize it to enable seamless integration in the future. Thank you very much and wishing you continued success ahead. Doug, from Brazil.
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  • Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your post.

    We have been steadily rolling out support for additional exchanges based on demand.

    The next set of exchanges we'd like to support would give us coverage across the top 20 exchanges by market cap.

    This next set will include:
    Shenzhen Stock Exchange
    Korean Exchange
    Taiwan Stock Exchange
    and of course B3 (formerly Bovespa)

    You can view the full list of exchanges we currently support here:

    I have turned your post into a feature ticket and will provide an update when we release these new markets.

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