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Please help us Stop The Losses!

Please help us all Stop The Losses! Many investors use percentage returns to set a STOP LOSS. As far as I can see, Sharesight reports only annualised total percentage returns.

My request is to have absolute total percentage returns (a simple non-annualised return), as well as annualised total percentage returns, displayed on the OVERVIEW screen. Both are important to me, and I expect to many Sharesight users. As you will appreciate, annualised percentage returns are of little or no use, for setting a stop loss (but of course are needed for performance reporting).

Having the absolute total percentage returns displayed on the OVERVIEW screen would allow me/us to quickly sort the portfolio by that column, to see which stocks have hit their pre-determined stop loss percentage losses, on a daily basis.

My obsolete Microsoft Money reported both annualised and absolute % returns, which was great. My broker Commsec shows absolute total percentage returns, but without dividends and corporate actions such as consolidations taken into account.

Hoping you can see your way to incorporating this additional feature.

Kind regards,
Roger M
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