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Saving the list of bulk imported trades

It would be handy for Sharesight to create and save the list of bulk imported trades after importing. In the exact order (including column order) as the list obtained from the broker CSV. And to include the Sharesight trade value column. It would be much quicker for us to check that the imported trades are correct by comparing the list in Sharesight with the actual list of trades from the broker. You can hold them side by side, and if everything matches perfectly, we would be confident of the integrity of the import. It would only take minutes to check a large number of imported trades. It is also handy to have a saved history of bulk imports for future reference. I note Sharesight has an All Trades report but this is in alphabetical order and not in the same order (including column order) as from the broker and takes longer to check. All trades report also includes adjustments and mixes imports from different brokers, which also makes it much longer to check.

If this is not possible, then:-
With bulk importing, after we upload the broker CSV, Sharesight creates a list of trades for us to check before saving the import. However the Sharesight list is in alphabetical order down the page, which is in a completely different order to the list from the broker CSV (Commsec). So if you have a few pages of trades to check, it takes a much longer time than needed. If the Sharesight list could be in the same order as the CSV list, it would be so much faster. That is, the trades are in the same order down the page, and the columns are in the same order across the page.
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  • Thanks for your feedback on this. We want to make it as easy as possible to import data into Sharesight and will be doing more work in this area.

    On the csv import confirmation page the trades are grouped by holding to make it easier to identify negative holding errors. We've found that this is by far the most common type of error (eg the import file may contain a sell trade but no buy trade etc) so the layout of the import confirmation page is designed to address this.

    One suggestion I have is to map the contract note / trade ID to the comments field when you import the file from Commsec. It's then possible to download the Excel file from the All Trades Report and sort by the contract note ID in the comments column, by sorting the Commsec file in the same way it's much easier to reconcile if you need to.
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