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Selling an asset

Hi Team,

I've been testing your product on and off since September 2010. Unfortunately i haven't been able to make the switch from Maus' Stockmarket Plus due to a couple of short comings but the two biggest problems for me are:

1) Dealing with trust income distributions (i believe you are rolling out a new update tomorrow to fix this).

2) No individual choice on what parcels of stock you sell. I want to load up all my historical records and new ones going forward but can't until an option for parcel sale selection is available.

On the whole this is a great platform for tracking share portfolio's and would love to use it, but can't until those two items are available.


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  • Hi Glen,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes support for trust distributions is coming very soon! (probably actually early next week as we don't like to do a major release right before the weekend!)

    It's possible to specify the sale allocation method per shareholding, however it's not possible to specify manual sale allocations or change the sale allocation method during the period of ownership. We are most definitely aiming to address these shortcomings. Please 'follow' the topic < a href=" to receive updates as we progress with this. We hope to be able to provide the functionality to lure you away from Stockmarket Plus as soon as possible :)

    I've archived this topic since there are existing topics for both of these issues. I hope you don't mind, it's just that we need to stick to one topic per issue to make sure that we can keep everyone up to date.
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