Seperate performance reporting for each share parcel


IS it possible to have as well an option to show tracking on each batch of stock I purchased. make it follow on every stock batch I purchased (from the same stock) seperate from the rest of the other batchs; instead of summing them up and doing an avarage on the share price I bought?
for example, if I buy 200 share of BOQ and later on another 100 share, it will seprate them, and let me follow each batch, showing all the data.

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  • Hi Gil,

    Thanks for your question. Unfortunately this is not possible at present.

    We are looking to launch a feature within the next few months that will allow you to run a consolidated performance report across multiple portfolios. In this case you would be able to record different share parcels in different portfolios and then view the performance of each parcel separately in the consolidated report. I know this is not exactly what you are asking for but possibly it would provide a suitable work around.
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