Add support for Hartleys Contract notes

Please add "Euroz Securities, Hartleys and Argonaut" to the list of Supported Australian Brokers for emailed notes.
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  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the request.

    We actually have developed preliminary support for Euroz already so please feel free to send through some Euroz contract notes to your portfolio and let me know if you run into any problems.

    We're happy to look into adding support for Hartleys and Argonaut. So that we can track these requests separately I've updated this topic to relate to Hartleys and I've created a separate topic for Argonaut here.

    We need to get hold of some sample contact notes so that we can create a processing template for these brokers. If you have any contract notes available that you would be happy to share with us for development purposes could you please email them through to me directly ( Once we have some samples we should be able to add support for these brokers fairly quickly.
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