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The future is not unconfirmed - it just hasn't happened yet.

Like a good little investor I try to keep up to date with confirming and reconciling my divies and uploading the div statement for the records.

Trouble is that Sharesight - so good in so many ways - makes it quite hard to find them . In the overview screen kindly lists holdings with unconfirmed transactions on the right-hand side, but in divvy season there can be heaps of them, but you never know if they are in the future, or they are indeed transactions that should be confirmed. What a tedious task it is, to open each holding individually to see, if indeed this is an unconfirmed transaction, for which I should have paperwork (goodness knows some companies still do this by paper), or if it is simply notice of the future transaction for which the email with the dividend statement has not been sent.

The unconfirmed transaction icon, should be a lighter colour if all the unconfirmed transactions for the holding in the future. In in other words skip it during your reconciliation/confirmation process.
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  • This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Dividend to be confirmed signal.

    My query is regarding the dividends that are indicated on the overview table that need to be confirmed - the signal on the right of the overview table doesn't differentiate between dividends that have already been paid and dividends that have been declared but are not yet paid - could the signal be made a different shade or colour to differentiate paid vs unpaid?
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