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I am using sharesight to track some NZ managed funds I am in SSRSS and Kiwisaver - I manually add in purchases using buy (and then perhaps wrongly use the sell function to add in fees and tax taken out to keep th balance accurate). I now realise that I am getting a return recorded that is pre fees and tax. How should I be doing this differently to get a post tax, post fees return value recorded?
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  • Hi Kirsty,

    Thanks for your post! To answer your question, it might be an idea to add the fees and tax as brokerage rather than a sell transaction. The brokerage always gets included in the overall return figure.

    If ever you wish to add a holding that is not listed on the NZX here are the instructions on how to action this in your portfolio. For example, SSRSS you could add as a fixed interest, then set a monthly payout to yourself and get Sharesight to automatically reinvest it in the fund for you:

    To resemble a new investment in your listed funds maybe it is an idea to record them as a dividend and then reinvest them? Here is how to do that:

    Please let me know if you have further questions, hope this helps!

    Have a lovely day.


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