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Unsettled Trades at Year End


Can you introduce an unsettled trades feature for people that invest under a business structure but don't use Xero as this feature would be helpful at end of the financial year.

Currently, I have to add a manual cash account called "unsettled trades" and enter the unsettled trades that I have made during the last days of the financial year and reverse same in the new year so the Sharesight Historical Cost Report is accurate and not double counting closing values.

Thank you.
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  • Hi Nick,

    We currently provide an unsettled trades adjustment feature for those using manual cash accounts and these unsettled trades are reflected on the historical cost report but we disable the feature when you have nominated a trading cash account.

    If we provided the ability to create delayed cash transactions based on your selected adjustment period under Settings > Basic details, even when you have nominated a trading cash account and also created an immediate unsettled trades adjustment entry that is reflected on your portfolio overview and historical cost report, would that fit your requirement?

    I can expand on this further if this doesn't make much sense. I may also have misunderstood your request.
    • Hi Ben, I didn't know this feature existed albeit only if you have not synced a trading account. What you have proposed seems to be what I need.

      Just to clarify:

      For example, If I purchase a share on the last day of the FY19, that will show up in the historical cost report for FY19, and as I have synced my trades to my cash account, a debit of the cash account for that trade will show in the historical cost report for FY19 but the closing cash in the report will not match the closing cash on the actual bank statement as the trade will not settle until the new FY.

      So on the historical cost report for FY19, I need to see that trade done on the last day, the closing cash balance that that does not debit that trade and unsettled trades adjustment for that trade.

      It is really for me only required at year end but would be appropriate year round. Whilst it sound like semantics it what my accountant requests.

      I hope this helps.
    • Hi Nick,

      Your clarifications match my understanding of your first post, so I'm pretty sure I understand what you are after.

      I've captured your suggestions for discussion internally.

      Thanks in advance for your patience while we work on other feature requests!
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