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SInce PWI isn't one of the tool-supported games, I'm trying to get out DKP system started and manually entering 150+ characters is not a fun task. I was wondering if there was any way to upload the roster into the DKP system.
Currently I've tried to work some XML up, but so far it's nearly as bad as just manually entering them, and it's not working to get Race/Class info either. (I did it once a few weeks ago and can't recall how now.)

Anyway, is there an easier way to do this?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Just wanted to bump this.
I figured out how to get the XML data up, but it's still damn annoying having to manually enter 180+ characters. I'm currently working on writing some code using the Character list API as a base and then converting it into an XML that I can put into a raid, but there has got to be an easier method for this somewhere.

An "Import Roster" function would definitely be a plus.

Edit: >.< The API that outputs the character list only did the first 5 pages. =(
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Hi Joe,

We are planning to add an Import Characters feature to the next DKP update; but in the meantime this would need to be done manually tho (it should only be a one time thing tho, once they are entered in your DKP section it should be easy to work with)

For the API; the API is paginated, like the site, and for the Characters and Members it paginates by 100s, so you can pass "?page=2" to get the next 100, then "?page=3" etc until you have them all if you need =)

I hope you had a good weekend,