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Photo of Prathamesh
Signup not working.. please help
On signup page the re-captcha is not getting displayed of shizzow site.. Please check the same. because of captcha on the site signup is ...
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Photo of gjlutz
Repeating Shouts
My last three SMS shouts have been repeating all day? Is there a problem?
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Photo of SDO
As a newbie, I'm just sayin its too damn hard to figure out how to "Shizzout"...been looking it over for 45 mins & STILL don't see ho...
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Photo of edrex
find ui confusing
The question "Where are you now?" at the top of the page should be spatially associated with an opportunity to answer. I spent several...
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Photo of Micah Elliott
It would be nice to have a "time" field to enable shouting where you're *about to go*. IOW, future-shouting. E.g., I'm going to leave f...
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