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I’m happy and excited!

Fullscreen download progress

I have been using your application for quite some time (v1.0 on my iPod Touch 1G). It has become more than useful, I use to download stuff while working on my computer to not slow it down too much.
Thanks for your great app!

I have an idea for downloading files: if your press one, you can choose "Preview" like the other files and you would get a fullscreen (minus the status bar) progression bar and percentage, which would work in portrait and landscape.
I would use this to watch my download from my desk (my dock is 2 meters away).
And maybe an option from the arrow that usually says "Print" to choose what download(s) progress' should be shown; if more than one are selected, then every X seconds (configurable) it would circle through the current downloads and play a sound when one is done.

I hope you like my idea!
And good development.
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