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I’m sad

Can't test websites

I really like the Nibbler Silktide tool, but I was wondering if you guys are somehow blocking my webhoster, it seems I cannot test any websites that are hosted at
I also tried a few sites of friends that also host their websites there.

an example is:

Also already contacted my webhosting but they told me that they are not blocking the service to Nibbler.

I hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong or if the sites are indeed blocked.
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  • David (Official Rep) June 01, 2012 08:45
    Hi Robert, I saw the other thread about someone else using and having the same problem. It's very rare we have this problem, so it seems too much of a coincidence that all sites on the same host have the same problem.

    Our IP is: if you want to give that to them to add to their whitelist? But due to our servers being virtual on the cloud, this IP could change at any time.
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