Can I submit multiple FAFSA applications?

I'm planning on submitting the fafsa online, and "sign" with the gov assigned PIN. Ok strategy? My son has applied to 9 schools, but only heard back from one of them so far (accepted). The others are not expected to announce decisions until late March, early April. Under the circumstances, can I submit the fafsa on successive occasions with different school codes, i.e., to the one school that has responded/accepted him so far, but hold off on the others, or, do I need to put in all school codes for one-time submission? I recall your suggestion that we wait until after the student is accepted before applying for financial aid, so the staged approach sounds best - just not clear that FAFSA is going to allow me to make repeated submissions of the same application to different schools.
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  • My suggestion was only for those of you who know you will not qualify for need-based aid. The idea was to not unnecessarily put your identity at risk by sending your information to so many colleges for no particular reason. Then when the student picks the college, just send the FAFSA to that college to open your lines of credit with the feds. If you will qualify for aid, then go ahead and get the information out there as soon as possible to all colleges and certainly before March 1st.
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