Do I need a separate FAFSA pin # for each child?

I have a daughter who is a Junior at college and a current senior in high school. I filled out a FAFSA for my older daughter 3 years ago and at that time didn't qualify for any financial aid. I have a FAFSA pin # for her under her name (although I filled out everything). My question is do I apply for a totally different PIN# for my second daughter? And then when filling out the FAFSA's for next year, do I have to fill out one for each daughter as now the EFC will be for both daughters together instead of all for one daughter?
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  • It is a good idea to get another PIN number since you will have to file a FAFSA for each student. Students are identified by social security numbers so each will have to file. PIN numbers are needed so that everyone can access their FAFSA and electronically sign it. Be sure to indicate on each FAFSA that you will have two students in college next year. That will essentially halve the EFC for each student. You will still have a total EFC about the same as this year but you will be splitting it between the two kids. That will likely make you eligible for financial aid for both kids.
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