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I’m frustrated

Adonit jot precision stylus tracks at the top of the stylus center...

With my jot pro the lines created track to the top of the stylus... This makes connecting separate lines or drawing arcs very difficult... With other drawing programs like Paper it tracks to the center... I would love to upgrade to pro but this is a serious concern for me... The first photo is with sketchbook express and the second with paper... Please fix ASAP...

Sorry photos came in upside down... The tracking is at the top of the stylus not the bottom... !!

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  • FYI received a reply by email below:

    hi Ryan:

    this offset issue is caused by iOS when it compensates for angle of refraction, so the event positions have an offset, bigger the closer you go to the top of the screen.
    This becomes evident with pens that have a clear disk.
    There is a technical reason why other apps behave correctly and SketchBook doesn't (for now) but I can't discuss the details.

    We will look into this but cannot promise when this fix will be released.

    Ivan Pinzon
    Principal Engineer
    SketchBook Dev Team
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