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Make sketchbook more sketchbooky and a pressure sensitive bluetooth pen for iPads

Hey guys, I love your software! Both on mobile (Android & IOS) and desktop. I had two ideas for you: First, have you used paper by fifty three on the iPad? ( It has some great ideas that I think Sketchbook Pro HD could incorporate. It's nice to have your papers in a "sketchook" rather than just random sheets of paper. It makes it feel like a much more organic experience when you can fill sketchbooks with particular themes and ideas where I can separate them. Second, have you heard of this pressure sensitive pen bluetooth stylus from pogo pen maker ten one design. It looks like they are making it very easy to integrate into all kinds of software. My only complaint about iOS is the lack of a good stylus. While it has not yet been released I think it would make a great addition to the sketchbook software on iOS. You can find out more about it here: - Thanks for the great software!
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