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I’m sad

Only got 2 drops in vial for EGF, is that right?

I ordered a vial of epidermal growth factor and it had two tiny droplets in it. That can't be right. I sent an email to customer service and they are telling that is all I should expect. I can't believe I paid $10 for two tiny, and I mean tiny droplets.
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  • EGF is a signal protein, it tells skin cells to divide and thus cause skin to heal and thicken. It is used in micrograms (parts per million) and is not possible to see at the concentrations needed in a pot of cream. We ship it in a super-concentrated solution so what you are seeing when you see the two tiny drops is the liquid in which the EGF is floating. When you add the saline the EGF dissolves and is easy to mix into your cream.
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