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I’m gladwe figured out what was happening

RapidShare -- did you click something?

Are you getting a "JavaScript" not installed error on RapidShare?

Are you getting the error after clicking the big round "Download" button?

(thanks to yuukosakura for the screen-capture)

Were you surprised that the big round "Download" button showed up, instead of a cute-n-cuddly* SkipScreen message about automating the wait?

Well, we were also surprised.

Something changed in RapidShare's HTML, and the bits that SkipScreen tries to find to use for replace the download button are no longer there. SkipScreen is still automating the wait for you -- check out the countdown in the window title, and the SkipScreen message in the lower-left.

And in the meantime, while we're working on getting rid of that big round "Download" button -- just stop clicking on it, and go find more things to download with SkipScreen!

*hey! we're cute-n-cuddly! My mom said so!