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I’m frustrated, confused

Changes on my Skribit Account aren't Transferred to the Skribit Wordpress Plugin. Plus error messages.

A snowball of things happened:
1. I set up a Skribit account ( and I accidentally added the same blog three times to and didn't realize it until I connected my Skribit account with Wordpress via the Skribit-Wordpress Plugin.
2. On I deleted the excess blog replicas and saved the new settings, but on the Wordpress end, it still showed (and currently shows) the three blogs.
4. I wanted to customize the lightbox tab in, but the customizations wouldn't go through on the Wordpress end--and now the lightbox tab on the blog site shows an error message.
5. I deactivated and deleted the skribit plugin in Wordpress. I went back to my account and rechecked/re-updated my blog information, including the skribit lightbox and widget options.
6. I reinstalled the Skribit-Wordpress plugin and activated it. When I went to reconnect Wordpress and my account, all the previous settings somehow managed to survive (meaning the triplicate blogs were still there AND the tab on the blog site still shows an error message and none of the customizations).

What to do?
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