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YouTube and desktop mode

I don't understand the instruction about YouTube videos and desktop mode.
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  • For the best experience on, set your Skyfire browser to "Load page as iPhone" or "iPad", use the mobile version of the site (, and play any video you find by tapping its preview image, rather than using the "video" icon in the bottom left corner.

    Due to restrictions imposed by YouTube, YouTube videos cannot be played via our toolbar. For that reason, the video icon on the toolbar will read "related".

    Some content on YouTube is not accessible on mobile devices at all: YouTube's content providers may, at their discretion, disable specific videos from being played on mobile devices. If you see a message such as "The content owner has not made this video available on mobile", then the video will not be playable with Skyfire or with any app on a handheld device.

    The “Load page as...” option allows you to run Skyfire in either Desktop, iPad or iPhone mode. Simply toggle between the settings to view your favorite websites however you see fit.

    Many websites will show different versions of their pages to different kinds of browsers. By changing the "load page as" settings, you are choosing how you want the Skyfire browser to describe itself to the websites you visit.

    Flash video content is often only accessible in Desktop mode. Email sites, however, may be much easier to use in "iPhone" or "iPad" mode.

    If you are not sure how to change these settings, you may find this short video from our YouTube channel to be helpful:
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