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Dave (Lead Developer) July 08, 2010 07:10

Media Insert buttons and WordPress 3.0+

We've gotten a lot of posts about WordPress 3.0 compatibility lately and understandably so. While most of these issues will be taken care of with an upgrade to version 1.2 of the WordPress plugin, one issue still remains - media insert buttons.

Unfortunately we were not able to get these working for the 1.2 release, but there's a good reason for that ;-) The short of it is that they don't work in WordPress 3.0 because of a change to the way that the WordPress core handles media attachments. The long of it follows; if talking about code and database architecture makes you faint, skip the next paragraph :-)

Basically, to insert media into the slide of a SlideDeck, the media insert dialog window needs to have a post ID to associate the media attachment with. Until WordPress 3.0, this was not a problem; we just spoofed the ID with a timestamp and all was well with the world. Unfortunately, now WordPress 3.0 will validate the existence of the post before it will display the "Insert into post" button in the media insert dialog. To fix this problem is a pretty involved change to the way that the SlideDeck data is stored - a switch to utilizing the wp_posts table and custom post types instead of our own database tables. This is a change we wanted to make anyways and this bug just bumped it way up on the priority list :-)

So, for now the media insert buttons won't be showing up if you are running WordPress 3.0+. Rest assured we know exactly what the problem is and exactly how to fix it, it'll just take a bit of time to roll it into the plugin. In the mean time you can always just upload media to the site via the regular Media section, then write a little <img> tag code referencing the image manually via the HTML editor view for a slide.
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