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I’m upset and POOR!

How do I stop a company from charging my credit card?

Do they actually excist? That is my question! is a website where you can purchase a weight loss pill. The website offers you a FREE TRAIL
I fell for this trick and ordered the FREE TRAIL where I paid $2.95 for the shipping fee. I was not satisfied with the product and therefore canceled within the required 15 days. I called the first couple of times but didn't recieve an answer and finally I send an email which was replied with the answer that my automated shipment of Slimtabs was canceled and that I would not see any further charges! Dispite of this cancellation Slimtabs have charged me the amount of $94.72 twice now!
I have not recieved any additional products. I have been trying to call and email them for over 2 months now, but it seems as they have gone underground! I can not get in contact with them!

Anyone have any idea or any knowledge that could help me out? Can I somehow block from my account? HELP!!!
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