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I’m skeptical

Somethings fishy...and its not bon chovy...

I was perusing some of the "investment opportunities" and noticed that the days left for some of these projects keep changing but not in the same sense that normal time runs? For instance, Beer Table was at 7 days for many days and is now at 24 days? Time does not go this way. Also, I was curious about the distribution charts at the bottom of the pages...they are erroneous and the numbers do not add up. The numbers based on the pledges you claim do not equal the total pledged amount. I would like to use your service but it seems quite shady and dubious. Poor form on your part to misrepresent these projects.
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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the confusion on this, and I realize it looks a little iffy to see the numbers shifting. We're actually experiencing a few bugs at the moment that are causing some problems with the numbers posted on the site, particularly for the previously funded businesses. When we migrated our database, we encountered some problems related to people who had registered with us under one email address, but used a different address when they made a payment. That's causing a lot of the numbers to appear incorrectly now, we're working on fixing it.

    With respect to Beer Table, we did extend their campaign today to 24 days. We did that because they had been hidden away on our old site by accident while we were working on the new one -- several days elapsed on the timer before their campaign went live, and then they were erroneously kept off the homepage for a long time while we were heads down trying to get the site up and running. The owner contacted us about it, and when we checked the data we realized that a lot of users probably never even knew it existed. Since it was our error, we agreed to add some extra time to their campaign.

    I hope that resolves some of your concerns -- we're really not trying to be shady!
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