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Oops. Ah crap that was a bad run.

I know retakes aren't really allowed, but I have to admit, I totally bombed one of my tests (the InDesign test,) which placed me at beginner level when the rest of my profile is at expert level, hahah -- I took the test originally at a pretty inappropriate time, so I wasn't able to focus on it as well as I should have and made loads of dumb mistakes. I know I'm definitely better than "beginner," is there any way at all to retake it so it doesn't look like such an anomaly?
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  • Hi Matt,

    Unfortunately, we can't reset your score for InDesign, but you do have a few options: you can see if there are more questions to take in the test by going back to the test and clicking "Continue," you can add more questions to the test, which will give you an authorship bonus, or, if you're just concerned about the score looking anomalous, you can always hide it from public view by going back to your profile and clicking on "Privacy settings," then unchecking the box next to InDesign.

    - Andrew
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