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I’m Very please

I Love my ErgoMotion Mouse

I just received my ErgoMotion Mouse. I was looking for an ergonomic replacement for my previous mouse that died on me. I was very frustrated with the options available for left handed users. I came across this web site a few months ago and decided that this would be my next mouse (I used my "back-up" mouse until now, a wired $3 mouse). I kept checking back to see about availability and when I saw that Amazon had a few in stock, I jumped at it and it arrived today. I love the ErgoMotion Mouse. It took me a few minutes to get used to it, Its a little larger than I expected, I had to decide whether its more comfortable to use a palm rest or not, and I had to adjust the pointer speed in the mouse settings. Now I am happy. My months of suffering with my uncomfortable back-up mouse is over. I highly recommend the ErgoMotion Mouse. It is comfortable, seems to be well made and the pivoting top has just the right amount of resistance. At first I found that I was accidentally pressing the buttons while moving the mouse, but after a few minutes, I'm used to it. Thanks for a great product.