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Cards IDs in Board View

Put a card Id in each card (shown in board), that way you can easily point someone to a card and track title changes.

Also it can be useful if you can write (like in JIRA) that ID in a comment and have smartQ provide some kind of linking.
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  • We already have IDs assigned to each ticket. You can make them visible if you go to List View and add the ID column using right click on table headers.

    This ID is present in all direct URL to tickets. To send somebody a ticket, simply open it and copy the URL from your browser. Each page in smartQ has an unique address.

    We do not display IDs in the board view yet - but can customize it for your account (just contact support about it) - I changed the subject of this suggestion because of that.

    Automatic linking to other tickets is an interesting idea, though you can also simply paste a link to that ticket page...
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